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Terry Diane Crotinger

Services Offered

Counseling / Therapy / Supervision       

Workshops (one hour or all day!)      


Corporate Workshops for Vision Statement Planning

E Mail me if you are interested in having me speak to your school or organization.  I am available in the Arizona area but will travel almost anywhere...the joy is in the journey! CrossroadsCounseling@gmail.com

Workshops and Classes

Career Issues    

Examining Mid-Life Career Changes

Decision Making Skill Enhancement

Goal Setting

Conflict Resolution

Conflict:  Friend or Foe?

Conflict Resolution Skills

Anger Management


Finding A Balance

Codependency and Eating Disorders

Dysfunctional Family Roles

"I Can Accept That"


Co-Addicted Relationships

Communication Enhancement

Improving Communication:  A Feeling Is...

The Mystery of Listening

Examining the Games People Play (Berne)

The Love Letter and other Journals

Difficult People Survival Guide/Game

Assertiveness Training

Body Communications-"I didn't say that!"

Parent/Child Communication

Interpersonal Communication

Developing Honest Communication

Domestic Violence

Women's Issues

Family Violence

Risk/Resiliency of Survivors

A Child's View

The Effect of Trauma on Infants


Depression and the Elderly

Suicide Issues

Women and Depression:  Stress

Postpartum Depression

Diagnosis and Treatment

Bi-Polar Merry-go-Round


Suicide and Aging

Community Response:  Prevent or Preserve?

Growing with Grace:  The Joys of Wisdom

Special Needs of the Caregiver

Dignity vs. Dehumanization in Long Term Settings:  The Spiral of Senility

Sensory Changes Associated with Aging

Grief Issues

Types of Losses:  Grief's Many Colors

Ceremonies and Rituals

Reconciliation Needs of the Bereaved

Common Myths About Grief

Support Systems:  The Roles They Play

Tools for Healing

Complicated Bereavement

Grief Avoidance / Complications

The Dying Person's Bill of Rights

Catastrophic Injury:  Loss and Transition

Gender Specific Response to Grief

Children's Grief:  Special Issues

Insight and Personal Discovery

Taming Your Gremlin (Carson)

Crazy Wisdom:  Using Reality to Discover Growth and Life Lessons

Growing in Grace

Stress/Anxiety Reduction

Identifying Triggers

Relaxation Skills / Guided Imagery

Examining Boundaries and Expectations

Mental Health Issues

What's Hormones Got To Do With It?

Seriously Mentally Ill:  An Overview

Effective Case Management

Music in Therapy

Music with Growth and Insight Work

"Turn Your Radio On":  Using Scared Music as Therapy

Life Lessons in Song / Fairy Tales

Eclectic and Fun

Self-Esteem:  The Role of Trust

Historical Views of Sex / Sexuality

Humor For Healing

Crash and Burn:  How to Avoid IT

Love Obsession:  New Research

Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

Resistant Children:  Love and Logic (Cline/Fay)

Putting Music in Your Classroom

My History:  Learning Disability Poster Child

Brain Function and Memory

Emotional Intelligence

Learning and Memory

Brian Research:  Reporting on New Information on Anger

Brain Research:  Reporting on New Information about the Role of Hormones in Love Relationships

Using Mnemonic Devices


Contact Terry at CrossroadsCounseling@gmail.com







Text Box: Home     Education    Credentials and Certificates
Bio/Trivia   Crossroads Counseling   Workshops
Dreams   Westchester/Tallowood   Girl Scouts